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I have purchased several CF cards at:


It's a nicely accessible site, and they have CF cards in all sizes and =
brands.  I personally like Sandisk, I have a 1GB Sandisk card in my =
BookPort which has been wonderful.


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I know the Book Port will work with cards up to 2 gigs in size, but is =
it recommend any particular brand? Where do most of you find the best =
Since I know the card which came with the Book Port is a SanDisk, so far =
I have been looking only at that brand.
Just as a note, one of my friends recently told me about a 1 gig SanDisk =
card selling for only 81 dollars at=20
Just a few weeks ago that same friend paid the same price for a 512mb =
SanDisk card.
That's an amazing difference in size/pricing with just a simple step of =
comparison shopping.

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