[bookport] Re: finding text with bookport needs fixing

  • From: "Tiffany H. Jessen" <tjessen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 14:26:18 -0400

yes that would look like a braille cell, but that would be horrible to write
on. if you just turn the unit sideways so the card is pointing at you, you
can use the current buttons as a normal braille writer or notetaker.
contradictory to what you think, I think they do have a good knowledge of
braille, and this was very well designed. I love my book port!

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Subject: [bookport] finding text with bookport needs fixing

> While reading the manual I came across the section regarding finding text.
> The manual refers to this mysterious braille keyboard. Not that I want
> but is this product available? The manual also refers to entering the text
> to be found in braille. After fiddling around with this I figured out how
> this is done. The only thing I can say about it is that the person who
> developed this part of the software had no clue about braille and little
> consideration for the end user. It's really too bad because this would be
> quite useful. For those who care you press 7+8+9 which places you in
> edit mode. From there you press keys corresponding to the dots of the
> braille character you want to enter in the find buffer. Dots 1-3 are star
> and D and dots 4-6 are keys 7 4 and 1. Obviously dots 4-6 should be mapped
> to keys pound C and F so it wouldn't interfere with the zero key. Although
> not perfec, at least this would look more like a real braille cell and
> people to use it.

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