[bookport] Re: connecting problem

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  • Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 15:00:44 -0400

I have rebooted more times than I can count. I even rebooted with the bookport 
connected and not connected.  Could it be the usb cable?

margo and Elmo even 
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  Have you tried rebooting?

  >>> margo.downey@xxxxxxxxxxx 07/07/05 02:47PM >>>
  Hi.  I did check the connection to the computer; I did bypass the hub
  and plugged the bookport's usb cable directly into the computer and then
  connected.  when I did that, the speech worked for a while; the
  transport software didn't open; I opened the software; tried to send a
  book and the software said bookport wasn't connected and asked if I'd
  like to queue the book which I did.  when I closed the software, the
  speech didn't work.  I don't understand why when I plug in the bookport
  usb cable to the bookport that Jaws and double talk wouldn't work and
  why the software won't open and why it thinks it isn't connected.

  Margo and Elmo
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    Try going direct from the computer to the BP, bypassing the hub. I've
  had problems with USB hubs in the past.

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    Hi.  I am having a sudden problem. When I put the end of the usb
  cable into the usb slot on the Bookport, the bookport doesn't work and
  neither does the jaws speech which is running with the external Double
  Talk synthesizer which has a speaker plugged into the computer.  I have
  checked and the usb hub I'm using is plugged in correctly and the only
  other usb device on the hub is my HP scanner which works just fine with
  Open Book.  The only thing I haven't done is to disconnect the hub from
  the computer and just connect the book port cable to the usb port.  When
  I unplug the usb cable from the bookport, book says, Bookport is ready"
  and it works just fine.

    Also, the keyboard doesn't seem to work when I plug in this cable. 
  This is the cable I've been using and I have transferred books to the
  book port.  when I'd connect the cable, Bookport used to open--the
  software that is.  

    This stuff just occurs when I put the cable into the Book Port and I
  am using the cable supplied with Book Port.  

    Any ideas?  I'm also awaiting a call from Technical Support.

    Margo and Elmo

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