[bookport] Re: connecting problem

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  • Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 14:59:57 -0400

Oh, okay.  I haven't had mine for long so didn't recall. Sorry. But, when I 
plug in the cable to the bookport, Book port doesn't work and the software 
doesn't open. Why?

Margo and Elmo
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  Doubletalk doesn't work with the BP connected.

  At 01:47 PM 7/7/2005, you wrote:
  >Hi.  I did check the connection to the computer; I did bypass the hub and 
  >plugged the bookport's usb cable directly into the computer and then 
  >connected.  when I did that, the speech worked for a while; the transport 
  >software didn't open; I opened the software; tried to send a book and the 
  >software said bookport wasn't connected and asked if I'd like to queue the 
  >book which I did.  when I closed the software, the speech didn't work.  I 
  >don't understand why when I plug in the bookport usb cable to the bookport 
  >that Jaws and double talk wouldn't work and why the software won't open 
  >and why it thinks it isn't connected.
  >Margo and Elmo
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  >Try going direct from the computer to the BP, bypassing the hub. I've had 
  >problems with USB hubs in the past.
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  >Subject: [bookport] connecting problem
  >Hi.  I am having a sudden problem. When I put the end of the usb cable 
  >into the usb slot on the Bookport, the bookport doesn't work and neither 
  >does the jaws speech which is running with the external Double Talk 
  >synthesizer which has a speaker plugged into the computer.  I have checked 
  >and the usb hub I'm using is plugged in correctly and the only other usb 
  >device on the hub is my HP scanner which works just fine with Open 
  >Book.  The only thing I haven't done is to disconnect the hub from the 
  >computer and just connect the book port cable to the usb port.  When I 
  >unplug the usb cable from the bookport, book says, Bookport is ready" and 
  >it works just fine.
  >Also, the keyboard doesn't seem to work when I plug in this cable.  This 
  >is the cable I've been using and I have transferred books to the book 
  >port.  when I'd connect the cable, Bookport used to open--the software 
  >that is.
  >This stuff just occurs when I put the cable into the Book Port and I am 
  >using the cable supplied with Book Port.
  >Any ideas?  I'm also awaiting a call from Technical Support.
  >Margo and Elmo

  Sandy Licht
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