[bookport] connected bookport is not recognized by my computer need help please

  • From: Hank & Patty <hank1patty@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Book Port list <bookport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 20:47:50 -0300


Thanks so very much to everyone on this list that said I can use a new mini u s 
b cord that I can get at a Wallmart to fix my problem with connecting my 
bookport to my laptop computer. Your wonderful help was so very much 

After I got a brand new mini u s b cord from my local wallmart earlier today; I 
still got the huge disappointing surprise whenever I plug this brand new mini u 
s b cord that is already plugged into an u s b port on my laptop, when I plug 
the mini end of this brand new minni u s b cord into my original bookport I get 
the huge, huge, huge disappointing surprise message still: 
"u s b not recognized, one of the u s b devices attached to this computer has 
malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it"

AS far as the bookport itself goes, this bookport that I need to use alot every 
day has been working fine. Anybody have any ideas on how I can maybe fix my 
huge problem with not having any success in getting my laptop computer to find 
the bookport when I attach my bookport to the necessary required u s b cable? I 
have tried using all the u s b ports on my laptop computer with absolutely no 
luck. Please, please, please, please does anyone maybe have a possible 
suggestion that might fix this huge problem I am currently having with my 
original bookport...........I really, really, really, really, really hope so?
As far as the batteries go, I have already made sure that brand new batteries 
were put in correctly into my bookport......the battery charge indicator 
pressing letter d & letter f together saids 100%.  

If anyone maybe thinks they have a possible suggestion to fix my problem with 
my current bookport, I would be so greatly appreciative of any helpful 
suggestion. Much, much thanks in advance for any possible help.

Kindest regards,


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