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  • Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 06:50:49 -0800

thanks everyone,
now I know what the differences are and what to look forward to!
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As a brief P.S. to David's response I would add that I generally prefer the
brf books from bookshare simply because they unpack into one file and the
daisy books unpack into multiple files. I prefer tracking down one brf file
for deletion after transfer to Book Port rather than the multiple daisy
files. But either format will work on Book Port if you happen to find that
you prefer the daisy download for some personal reason.

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It's your choice. I generally download the BRF version simply because it's
my personal preference and doesn't require unpacking, but the Book Port
transfer software will transfer and unpack the DAISY version nicely if you
prefer it. BRF files tend to be smaller, but a well-prepared DAISY book
(they're not created equal), is a joy to navigate. In the case of most
text-based DAISY books, such as those found at Bookshare, there isn't a heck
of a lot of difference from a navigational standpoint, and that's a fact.
Bookshare does a super job and is one of my very favorite repositories of
fantastic books, but they are prepared by volunteers, and this means some
DAISY titles are wonderful, whereas others navigate about the way a
well-formatted BRF file would. A growing number of people are beginning to
know how to create sophisticated DAISY files, but many others either don't
have the latest DAISY creation software or aren't educated as to getting the
most from it. It's coming, though, and DAISY books from Bookshare are
becoming much more predictable and a lot better than the first ones which
were offered. But as to which format you should send to Book Port, really,
it's a personal choice, because Book Port will let you have it your way,
kind of like Burger King.

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I was wondering whether the books that one downloads from bookshare need
to be the BRF format, and not the Daisy, to play on the BookPort or if
you used the Trial Book Wizard you could use the daisy format also
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