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BookShare is U.S. only, because of copyright exceptions only allowed for in U.S. law. I, too, downloaded a few Bibles from BookShare, but then divided them up into books. I just opened them, highlighted the book, and saved it to its own directory. For example: /bible/niv/old/01 Genesis.doc. It takes a while, but what else are boring classes for? Besides it is now nothing to find what I want: open the correct folder, select the book, do a search for "chapter [desired number]", then search for the verse number.

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Can't speak for others, but I downloaded a couple different
versions from Bookshare and found that locating book, chapter and verse was a real pain. For one thing, you have to know how to spell all those proffits and places that make up book titles; then there's finding the chapter and verse you want...
Some audio Bibles have locater beeps between books and chapters,
and there is an electronic Bible available from speak to me. I haven't tried it. I eventually got one from web braille. Since it's based on a Braille Bible, it's broken into volumes with a table of contents at the beginning of each volume. It would take time, but you could get a pretty good sense of where to go for what, but it would still be SLOW!
I'm sure others have better information. Also, I don't know if
bookshare.org or web braille are available in Australia. Web Braille is part of the National Library system. You may have an equivelent there.
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 To the members of bookport freelist

I apologize for bursting in on your conversation but would
appreciate some advice before purchasing a bookport.

We are a small church in country Australia and one of our
members is a visually impaired gifted person whom we wish to train as a pastor.

He needs to have the same ease of access to the full bible as
the rest of us here do.

 Do you believe bookport will provide that for him?

That is, can he go to any verse or chapter in the bible at the
press of a couple of buttons?

We will order the bookport from the USA but where do we go for
the correct format of bible?

Will all audio bibles give him equal flexibility as he searches
for chapter and verse?

I gather there is a big difference between an e-book and an
audio book.

If I have addressed the wrong group, I apologize and would
appreciate it if you could direct me to the correct group.

 Rufus U

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