[bookport] Re: Trying to resurrect my bookport

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You can try some denatured alcohol, but do not use rubbing alcohol, as that 
will leave a film.  Also, just to let you know, battery leakage can cause major 
damage to the motherboard, causing it to crack.  We have seen this before, 
whenever teachers or students leave the batteries in the unit over a long 
period of time when not in use.  Therefore, the bottom line here is don't leave 
batteries in the unit if you're not using it.  If it doesn't work after you've 
cleaned it, it may be a hopeless case.

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I was planning to give my bookport to a young lady who has just lost her site 
so that she could listen to the books I have on it but, unfortunately, I did 
not remove the batteries before putting it away.  You guessed it.  The 
batteries have leaked and I need to clean it up and getting working again.

I have tried to clean it up but there is a residue of the battery liquid and I 
am looking for a chemical that is not abrasive and is light enough to remove 
the remainder of the muck.  Any suggestions?

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