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One thing which JFW provides which will be beneficial to anyone who wishes to 
share error messages is to go to the offending window, press insert shift w, 
JFW says "virtualizing current window," and then, hit 
control a, to highlight all the text, control C, to copy to clipboard, and 
then, go to an open message to whomever wishes the report. I have used this 
method to help the programmers of Kurzweil track down a nasty 
bug which had been causing an error for the book wizzard reader, so they could 
see the syntax problems and fix it. Now, K1K creates perfect *.opf (DAISY) 
files for the BookPort to handle, which are read by Book 
Wizzard reader just fine and translated so that  the transfer software handles 
them fine.

Curtis Delzer
On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 08:54:44 -0600, Lw wrote:

Hi Lary,
I will get the error message next time my BP is connected. What I found
intresting is that when the BP is not connected and I open the transfer
software, I am presented with a list of html and mp3 files from the CD. When
the BP was connected I saw no such list, and was just given the boxes to
slect which parts of the book to copy but with no files per se. Is this


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> Hi Beth.

> Can you get us the exact text of the error message including any title =
> that may appear at the top of the message box?

> >>> LW105@xxxxxxxxxxx Tuesday, September 21, 2004 11:11:19 PM >>>
> HI,
> I just received and registered my Victor Reader Soft, software. Whenever I
> try to transfer or read a book using book wizzard, I am told that the =
> device
> cannot play the book. Am I transferring it wrong, or doing something else
> wrong?

> Thanks,
> Beth

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