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  • From: James Nuttall <jnuttallphd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bookport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:55:05 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Pamela:
Now that I know I can use the RFB&D CD, I'll order some. I am an education 
professional and there are books that I want to read. I love using the Book 
Port. Since I got my Book Port, I don't like using tapes or CDs any longer. The 
Book Port is just so much more convinent and it lets you know where you are all 
the time. Just one more question. I'm assuming that if you can send the book in 
256 mb chunks the software will chunk it for you. Then you decide which chuncks 
to send? I'm sure that once I get a book and try it the process will become 

PAMELA RADER <PRADER@xxxxxxx> wrote:

There is a limit of 256 meg you can send at one time. The demo version
of Book Wizard is sufficient for Book Port (that's why we provide the
demo). If you bring up Book Port Transfer, put in the CD, it will point
you to the Ncc file. At that point, you'll probably get an Audio Range
dilog that will show you how much you can send. This range will vary,
depending on how much is on your flash card and the size. If you don't
want to start at the beginning, you can select another portion of the

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>>> jnuttallphd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 07/12/05 03:33PM >>>
Hi Mike:

When I've looked in the RFB&D catelogue they list some of the books as
coming on CD. These are the books you are talking about. I haven't
ordered them because I didn't have the specialized player for the CDs.

I'm assuming that you can't transfer an entire book to the BP at one
time. Does the RFB&D books comes in chapters? Do you transfer chapters
or sections of the book to the BP? What size CF card is best to have if
you are going to use the RFB&D CD books? Do you have to purchase the
full version of Book Wizzard to download the entire RFB&D book?


Mike Pietruk 
I get my RFB&D books on CD disk.
The Book Port transfer software, in conjunction with the demo of Book 
Wizzard that gets installed along with Book Port, handles the
You will need a key sold by RFB&D in order to unlock the RFB&D books
costs around $17 or so with shipping.
Once your key is installed, place the RFB&D book disk in your cd drive,

and you are ready to make the transfer to the BP.

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