[bookport] Re: Ordinary Batteries?

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Hi Richard and list:

We can only hope there will be a way of charging that battery pack externally. If not, it wouldn't do you much good to have an extra pack, would it?

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Well, I guess when I purchase my new Bookport 2 I might as well buy two
battery packs from the start! (smile)

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I don't know all of the particulars, but I know it's going to be a
rechargeable Battery Pack, which will be replaceable, but you'll
probably order it from APH.

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ring.richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/16/07 03:13PM >>>
Although I can tell that the Bookport 2 will most likely have
rechargeable batteries, will they be user replaceable?
Or, could they be removed and ordinary non-rechargeable batteries be
substituted; or, is it way too soon to know?
I only ask this question because I have been in situations where I
really wanted to finish a book and the batteries died and I wasn't
any kind of outlet.

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