[bookport] Re: Note taking with a keyboard

  • From: "Margo" <margo.downey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 15:52:56 -0400

I bet they could do something like attach a usb keyboard or something.   I was 
wondering what would be the best way for someone who is not a Braille reader or 
 ddoesn't write Braille. I think a small, attachable Qwerty keyboard would be 
nice as a product one could obtain if one wanted to.

margo and Elmo
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  From: James Nuttall 
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  Subject: [bookport] Note taking with a keyboard

  Here is a suggestion. I made this suggestion before and got totally trashed 
by the forum. But I will make this suggestion again, since BookPort has added 
the note taking function for braille users.

  I am not a braille user or creator. Like many who have lost vision as an 
adult becoming a good braille user is difficult. However, since Book Port can 
take notes, I would love to use this feature with an attachable keyboard. I 
don't know if one could be hooked up to the unit using the little USB 
connection. But in the future if that is a possibility I would benefit greatly 
by this ability.
  Jim Nuttall--Michigan

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