[bookport] Re: My BP is playing MP3 files too fast

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 09:57:20 -0400

Better yet, simply check the Send Audio Files As Music box, and you won't =
have to mess around with your compression settings. Plus, the file will =
send faster.

Rob Meredith

>>> walt@xxxxxxxxxx 09/17/04 04:41PM >>>
That's good news. At first, I was afraid that the unit was defective, but =
only later wondered if I might have left compression turned on and not=20
remembered that I'd done so. Thanks, Sarah.

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Hi Walt,

You will need to disable file compression in order to listen to music on =
your BookPort.  While compression works pretty well for audio books, it =
does absolutely nothing for music except to screw it up.  At least  it =3D
doesn't mean you will have to send the unit back.



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Subject: [bookport] My BP is playing MP3 files too fast

Somehow, I'd never gotten around to placing an MP3 file of music on my =3D
Port until yesterday and when I did, it sounded terrible. It played=3D20
significantly fast. The original file that's on the PC sounds perfect, =3D
I'm sure it's something in the transfer or the BP, itself. Might I =
screwed things up by failing to change the compression settings that I =3D
in place when I downloaded an Audible.com book last week? I've had the =3D
about a month. What are my options? I love the thing so much that I hate =
be without it.

 Walt Smith - Clearwater, FL

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