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Hi James and all.

Certainly everyone understands that the Bookport isn't perfect and
certainly will eventually be out of date, as all technology is after a
few years. The necesity to purchase new devices to "keep up..." so to
speak isn't a strictly blindness issue, it is just one of the aspects of
owning up-to-date technology in general.

The Bookport has proven to be the most popular technology product APH
has ever offered and has been relatively trouble free. 

AS for the software that transfers files of various formats, it too has
proven to work well. Some compromises, such as using Word for some types
and BWR for DAISY content, were made to get the product out and keep
costs down. 

It is a solid device and has proven its merit by its popularity.

Having said all this I also must say that we do pay attention when
critical comments are made and do attempt to improve products whenever
possible so please don't stop making critical comments and suggestions
as they are generally helpful and welcome.


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Hi Grant,
In general, when my port worked, it worked  and I got many hours of use
of it. the problems outlined were more to mention it to the
staff to let them know that there are certain design issues.
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My BP has served me very well and I definitely think it is a fantastic
of technology. But I do see your point in some respects: the keys,
though I
have certainly not pounded them, are beginning to get harder and harder
press, and I do agree that the transfer software's handling of HTML
web pages and word documents is very crude.  I was also sad to hear
there will not be a "trade-in" or "upgrade" program for the next
of Book Ports.  But frankly, no product is going to be perfect--and the
Port's definitely served me well.  I have far less complaints with it
than I
do with my screen reader, my notetaker...and hey, mainstream
isn't perfect either!  So good job APH with your bookport; but having
that, I don't follow the belief of other listers that a device like
this is
*absolutely, 100% perfect--and any flaw brought to the attention of the
is rude, pointless or otherwise.
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It will be interesting to see what APH come up with, because
personally, I
find that the Bookport is rather badly designed. It's tacky rubber keys
a start have lead me to have to question that decision when they
the unit. One wonders wether or not they suspected that longevity
be an issue, and as usual as blind individuals, we have to make yet
purchase to keep up with the joanses as it were.

Secondly, my unit has developed a rather interesting problem in that
left channel drops out periodicly. This is plain rediculous as it's
been dropped or anything. The entire design of the board is suspect in

I don't deny that the software that allows one to transfer files is ok,
it's not quite as sophisticated as we are lead to believe. For
when transfering HTML files, the system is unable to read tags for
and so on, rather pointless. What always interested me is why APH
parce the HTML directly, instead of having to rely on word for it's
Also, why should one be required to use a secondry daisy reader, when
good programming practice would have the book port transfer include an
appropriate DLL with the appropriate library functions to accomplish

To be absolutely honest, I have had no end of trouble with my unit.
sent it back to our destributer in the UK, had it repaired, and after
months of use, it is faulty again. One wonders wether springer's design
took into acount how mutch these units would be used.

Interestingly, I own a Book courier also, and although not as feature
it's overall design is significantly better, plus I have had no
with my unit.

What do people think? I am naturally expecting the usual that goes on
most blindness lists, the inevitable winers, but here's hoping eh?


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Greetings all:
I have heard the following interesting rumor.  The current Bookport 
least the hardware) was a joint effort between APH and Springer Design
The rumor that is making the rounds is that the Bookport 2 is being
by a joint effort between APH and a company called Levelstar, whose
product offering is a device called the Icon, which is a rather
Linux-based PDA.

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