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Is it me or are many people confrentational on this list?

No, I haven't disassembled my unit, but it's design is similar to another
device I used to use, and indeed program for, the Eureka A4. Those keys were
a rubber membrain that covered the board, and isn't it funny that the same
issues with the keys occured with that unit? History repeats itself.

Also, I have enough background in both mathematics and theoretical physics
to offer my own views on the port's design, thank you very mutch. I
apologise to Pam in advance, but Grant was in some respects right. It's hard
to have a viewpoint that differs from the norm on this list. It is a shame,
and hence the reason why I never contribute mutch to discussions any longer.

I wrote my original message as an assistant for APH, and yes, I am
frustrated with my device at the minute, because it's already been back for
repairs in this country and is still not quite right. A device should last
longer than 9 months.

Mr smith, may I suggest that you get your facts right before determining
somebodies background?



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I guess you've disassembled your BP in order to determine that the keys are 
rubber. The fact that the key _caps_ are rubber has absolutely no role to 
play in determining how long they may last and unless you've completely 
disassembled a unit, you have no more idea than anybody else how they're 
designed. You may never have dropped your unit, but how many times has the 
headphone plug been yanked out of the jack by accident? It's really too bad 
you've had such bad luck, since the Book Port remains the single finest 
piece of design of blindness technology that I've seen; let alone owned; in 
more than fifty years of using such devices.

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It will be interesting to see what APH come up with, because personally, I
find that the Bookport is rather badly designed. It's tacky rubber keys for
a start have lead me to have to question that decision when they designed
the unit. One wonders wether or not they suspected that longevity wouldn't
be an issue, and as usual as blind individuals, we have to make yet another
purchase to keep up with the joanses as it were.

Secondly, my unit has developed a rather interesting problem in that the
left channel drops out periodicly. This is plain rediculous as it's never
been dropped or anything. The entire design of the board is suspect in my

I don't deny that the software that allows one to transfer files is ok, but
it's not quite as sophisticated as we are lead to believe. For instance,
when transfering HTML files, the system is unable to read tags for headings
and so on, rather pointless. What always interested me is why APH didn't
parce the HTML directly, instead of having to rely on word for it's output?
Also, why should one be required to use a secondry daisy reader, when surely
good programming practice would have the book port transfer include an
appropriate DLL with the appropriate library functions to accomplish those

To be absolutely honest, I have had no end of trouble with my unit. I've
sent it back to our destributer in the UK, had it repaired, and after 9
months of use, it is faulty again. One wonders wether springer's design team
took into acount how mutch these units would be used.

Interestingly, I own a Book courier also, and although not as feature ritch,
it's overall design is significantly better, plus I have had no problems
with my unit.

What do people think? I am naturally expecting the usual that goes on on
most blindness lists, the inevitable winers, but here's hoping eh?


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