[bookport] Re: How do you use you Book Port?

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Actually, the DAISY implementation used by Bookshare is extremely
convenient. Generally, I download all of my Bookshare titles as DAISY

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I don't know why people are buying the big cards.  I suspect most of
them have never had a flash card go flaky or they'd be more careful
about investing in them.  I figure they'll always get cheaper, so even
though one would be nice, no reason to hurry.  

I scan many of my books, and get others off of web braille.  Last I
heard you had to use either braille or daisy for bookshare, and they
didn't seem to have much I wanted anyway.  Braille wouldn't be bad,
but daisy text is a solution looking for a non-existent problem and
inconvenient to boot.

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 08:59:12 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

>Hi everyone:
>Sound pretty much like most people use their Book Port to do
text-to-speech.  I'm trying the text-to-speech more often now.  I like
the fact that you can easily move files quickly to the Book Port.  If
most people who've responded use text-to-speech, wire so many people
purchasing large 2GB and 4GB CompactFlash cards?
>Audible and other audio books don't seem to be used that much.
>Here's one more question.
>Where do most people get their books for reading?  Bookshare?
>thanks -- Jim Nuttall
>Richard Ring <ring.richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I have read audible books with my Bookport, however the majority of the
time I use text-to-speech.
>I can speed that up, and for that reason, I tend to prefer synthesized
>Weird, eh?
>I listen at least a couple of hours a day, much more on weekends.
>I have listened to music, and probably will again, but it is not my
primary reason for having a Bookport.
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>So far most of the time I use my Book Port for reading audio MP3 books.
I was wondering if people could give me feedback on the following
>What percent of the time do you listen to audio books?
>What percent of the time do you use text-to-speech to listen to books
or materials?
>But percent of the time do you listen to music MP3's?
>How often do you use your Book Port?
>Thanks for the feedback -- Jim -- Michigan

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