[bookport] Re: How do you use you Book Port?

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Hey, they make radios you can play in the shower, so why not? <g> 

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Yes, we could call it the bubble port.

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What about it, APH staff?  A Bookport for the shower?


At 02:15 PM 7/13/2005, you wrote:
>Now that's what we need, a waterproof BookPort!  Thanks for making me

>think of this!  Grin!
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>My listening habits have changed quite a bit since I discovered 
>podcasts.  I used to devote over 75% of my listening time to
>about 10% to text, and the rest to spoken-word entertainment such as 
>vintage radio shows and the like.  Now it's over 50% podcasts, maybe
>20% audiobooks, and the rest unchanged.  I listen to some music
>but do not copy much music-only content to the Bookport.  My Bookport
>with me wherever I go (except for the shower--I do have some limits 
>believe it or not) and I've been known to call "pockets" "the Bookport

>holder".  From the time I get up until it lulls me off to sleep, my 
>Bookport is an integral part of my life.  It is my tranquilizer while
>wait impatiently for my rides, my news source during non-busy times at

>work, and my escape hatch once I get home.  Not that I don't have a
>life doing lots of other things.  But in the gaps (and there are
>gaps) the Bookport is kept quite busy!
>Debbie Crafts
>Framingham, MA
>Skype: DCrafts
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>So far most of the time I use my Book Port for reading audio MP3
books.  I 
>was wondering if people could give me feedback on the following
>What percent of the time do you listen to audio books?
>What percent of the time do you use text-to-speech to listen to books
>But percent of the time do you listen to music MP3's?
>How often do you use your Book Port?
>Thanks for the feedback -- Jim -- Michigan

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