[bookport] Re: How do you use you Book Port?

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Through online liberties .and books I have scanned myself using open
book.Living in new zealand i don't have access to bookshare.
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  Hi everyone:
  Sound pretty much like most people use their Book Port to do
text-to-speech.  I'm trying the text-to-speech more often now.  I like the
fact that you can easily move files quickly to the Book Port.  If most
people who've responded use text-to-speech, wire so many people purchasing
large 2GB and 4GB CompactFlash cards?
  Audible and other audio books don't seem to be used that much.
  Here's one more question.
  Where do most people get their books for reading?  Bookshare?
  thanks -- Jim Nuttall

  Richard Ring <ring.richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    I have read audible books with my Bookport, however the majority of the
time I use text-to-speech.
    I can speed that up, and for that reason, I tend to prefer synthesized
    Weird, eh?
    I listen at least a couple of hours a day, much more on weekends.
    I have listened to music, and probably will again, but it is not my
primary reason for having a Bookport.
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    So far most of the time I use my Book Port for reading audio MP3 books.
I was wondering if people could give me feedback on the following questions.

    What percent of the time do you listen to audio books?

    What percent of the time do you use text-to-speech to listen to books or

    But percent of the time do you listen to music MP3's?

    How often do you use your Book Port?

    Thanks for the feedback -- Jim -- Michigan
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