[bookport] Re: How do you use you Book Port?

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My wife and I use BP several hours a day.
She will only read Audible materials. I use text or Web Braille about a
third of the time, mostly magazines and reports.
I was never a fan of Double Talk.  It sounds better now then when I
first heard it--It soundeded like Captain Nemo at the bottom of the
I wish you could speed Audible on the fly like the text files although I
haven't tried doing it during transfer to Audible files.
We never have tried MP3 files.
Don and Socorro


648 Kearney Street
El Cerrito, CA  94530

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I use my BP every day, for at least an hour or two.  Much more on
weekends.  I read books with text-to-speech most of that time, but I do
also listen to some music.  I am one of the very few who prefers the
DoubleTalk--or almost any synth--over a human narrator, so I don't
listen to many audio books.
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So far most of the time I use my Book Port for reading audio MP3 books.
I was wondering if people could give me feedback on the following
What percent of the time do you listen to audio books?

What percent of the time do you use text-to-speech to listen to books or
But percent of the time do you listen to music MP3's?
How often do you use your Book Port?
Thanks for the feedback -- Jim -- Michigan

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