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Hi, Pete.  That sounds like an interesting idea.  I have been meaning to ask 
this question.  Why do audio files tend to have more volume than the 
electronic text files?  Is there any possibile way of increasing the volume 
when listening to e-texts?  I have found that when listening with Big Bob 
that the volume is much better through my Sony headphones.

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> Maybe this isn't possible for a future hardware upgrade but, I wonder
> what the possibility is of having at least some audio output on the BP
> which one can hear without the headphones.
> Normally speakers take up a lot of space and power, so its quite
> understandable why the BP and other such devices would only have a
> headphone output for audio.
> When I was using my cell phone the other day, I thought, where is the
> speaker?  Cell phones these days are really tiny, but somehow, some seem
> to have a "speaker" function which makes the audio output loud enough to
> be heard even if you hold the phone several feet from your head.  So,
> what kind of speakers are these?  Would it be possible to include such a
> speaker on a future model of the BP even if it were just for listening
> to recorded memos, browsing and/or modifying settings, or a short amount
> of reading or checking of info on a file?
> Just a thought.
> -- Pete

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