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Actually, if you get any of the Bibles provided at


and follow instructions as provided for Book courier, you should be able to use BPs reading commands and read the bible as that one large file if you do some additional initial book marking by placing a bookmark at the beginning of each book of the bible I believe. If I remember correctly, the markings for each book was the only ones that BP did not recognize from the Book Courier formatted file.

you may aven be able to bookmark the Bible file on a properly working bP and then copy it over onto the ailing one for reading.

it is a shame Springer does not repair BP
s anymore while continuing to provide service for their own BC.


At 10:54 AM 11/8/2010 -0700, you wrote:
I had similar problems with my Book Port.  I had purchased it in 2005. There
were several keys most used that became nonresponsive. I was sort of lucky,
in that I had mine in for repairs in spring of 2008, and they replaced keys
and gave it a going over.  So far it is still working, but I am trying to
baby it along and do not use some keys as often as I used to.  The spongy
nature of them I guess makes them subject to user wear.

I purchased the new Book Port Plus, but still have not begun to use it.
That sounds strange, I know. Perhaps it is time.
I have been watching the discussions on it and it seems like most everyone
is pretty well adapted to all the new features and like it.

Good luck!
Rik James

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Hi Rinaldo:

Unfortunately, if the key is faulty, there's nothing we can do at this
point.  We stopped repairs on Book Ports in Aug., 2008, due to problems with
the manufacturer.  Eventually, those keys do ware out.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Pamela Rader
APH product Support

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Hi Friends,
My second bookport is faulty in that the no. zero key does not want to
function now I can not set  the options.
I did all the upgrading by connecting it to my computer and APH.
It does work I can reed but can not go to folders and since I wanted to give
it to my brother or sister with the Bible loaded, since there are
too many files
you do need to put them into folders so you can move quickly in it.
Can some one help please?
Best wishes

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