[bookport] Re: Battery drain with Beta

  • From: "ROB MEREDITH" <rmeredith@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 08:48:08 -0400


Getting the battery message at around 40% is unusual, but not unheard
of. You need to check the level while playing an Audible book around the
time that the unit is telling you to replace the batteries. It is likely
that your batteries were dropping below the required voltage at that
point, but were able to rebound substancially after stopping reading.
This happens with some batteries.

Rob Meredith

>>> wd8ldy@xxxxxxxxxx 08/11/05 04:53PM >>>

This may have happened with but I can't be sure since I
have that beta long enough to tell. After updating to, I was

travelling and reading. I was reading primarily Audible material but
read a bit of etext here and there.

Started getting the low battery message so I checked the level with
They were at 46 percent. My unit would not continue to play then so let
rest a while. Started reading my Audible book again and the battery low

message came within about half an hour. Again the unit refused to play

further, so gave it a few minutes rest, after which I checked the level
D+F. It was at 40 percent.

While this is far too high to actually need new batteries, I ditched
and put in a fresh set. Verified with D+F that they were at 100 percent
went back to reading my Audible book. After about 30 minutes, I stopped
checked the level. It was down to 79 percent.

Volume on the bookport is set at 28, which is all I need because the
level is so hot.

Have only used Alkaline batteries so this isn't a case of using
batteries. The battery drain I'm seeing seems excessive, so I thought
worth reporting. Additionally, assuming the gage was correct, why must
change batteries at 40 percent?


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