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I bought a pair from Radio Shack.  They do not surround the ear, but
rather they are very comfortable ear buds with a noise canceling
circuit.  They cost around $100.  I find them well worth the price.

I travel a great deal.  They are great even in small noisy airplanes. 

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Pete -

Others have said that they like the noise reduction headphones from
Bose, but I would never spend that kind of money (something like $300)
on _any_ headphone without an overriding business necessity. I can't
believe that Bose makes the only noise reduction headphones that people
have used on the BP, so if there are experiences to be reported using
others, I'd also like to see them here.

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Forgive me if this is a repost - I'm on the road and using a strange way
connecting to my e-mail.  Thus, I'm not sure if my original post bounced

Anyway, I tried to use my Bookport on an airplane for the first time 
yesterday.  The background noise made it almost inmpossible to
what I was reading, even with the volume turned up excessively loud.
in a hotel, I realize that the air-conditioner also makes a sufficient 
amount of background noise so that it is less relaxing reading a book
it is around my normnally quiet home.

So, the question is, does anyone have a recommendation for active noise 
reduction headphones which might make reading more pleasureable (and/or 
possible) under these conditions?  Some of my requirements might

1.  Relatively inexpensive
2.  Relatively small (so that they pack nicely
3.  Effecdtive in blocking out ambient noise

Also, do these things really work as well as advertised?  Thanks for any

recommendations and/or experiences which might be helpful in making a 
If you want to reply directly, my email address is:

-- Pete

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