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  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 00:05:42 -0400

I don't have a Book Port yet, but if I did, the type of case you =
would be awesome and I would purchase one in a heartbeat.

Best regards,
Rick Alfaro

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Hi APH and others.

I have 2 suggestions for an accessory or accessories to the BookPort, =
I'd love to see what reactions might be.

1.  Develop a case for the BookPort itself, made of the kind of foamed
neoprene that skin diver suits are made from; it would work like a glove =
would serve just to protect the bookport while in a bag or purse.

2.  Have a case made with either a mono or 2 small stereo speakers =
and a fitted compartment for the bookport.  There could be a couple of
square small pockets for additional flash cards.  The speakers would run =
battery.  You would open it like a book so when you do as I did earlier,
moving from room to room or about my kitchen fixing dinner, you don't =
to gather speakers, chord and bookport, you simply pick up one small
portable unit.  This case should zipper around on the outside and have =
foam padding, but it should be lightweight.  You should be able to =
the bookport inside the case while the case is open so you can move =
reading.  it should have a handle on the top edge and on the front edge.

Whew, I know just what I want here, hope you guys don't think I'm too =
the wall!

marlaina Lieberg, looking for that darned wall!

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