[bookport] Re: Accessory Suggestion

  • From: Paul Henrichsen <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bookport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 21:23:43 -0700

Hi. I'd just like to see a case for the bookport instead of the camera 
cases Peter Sciali is selling. They are great, but are not really made for 
the bp. The case with speakers could be another model for those who want 
that. The Ipod has a unit that one can attach it to that has speakers, but 
you can also buy just a case. The case could have a compartment for ear 
buds and or one for a flash disk or two.
At 7/26/2004, you wrote:
>Hi APH and others.
>I have 2 suggestions for an accessory or accessories to the BookPort, and
>I'd love to see what reactions might be.
>1.  Develop a case for the BookPort itself, made of the kind of foamed
>neoprene that skin diver suits are made from; it would work like a glove and
>would serve just to protect the bookport while in a bag or purse.
>2.  Have a case made with either a mono or 2 small stereo speakers inside,
>and a fitted compartment for the bookport.  There could be a couple of
>square small pockets for additional flash cards.  The speakers would run on
>battery.  You would open it like a book so when you do as I did earlier,
>moving from room to room or about my kitchen fixing dinner, you don't have
>to gather speakers, chord and bookport, you simply pick up one small
>portable unit.  This case should zipper around on the outside and have some
>foam padding, but it should be lightweight.  You should be able to secure
>the bookport inside the case while the case is open so you can move while
>reading.  it should have a handle on the top edge and on the front edge.
>Whew, I know just what I want here, hope you guys don't think I'm too off
>the wall!
>marlaina Lieberg, looking for that darned wall!

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