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Hi Katey,

How do you go about transferring RFB&D in to the BC?

Best Regards,



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Hi Katie,

It's great to see you post to the BC list again.

This news of the update doens't rally affect me. I don't use NFB or Daisy. 
But I love using the BC for books in mp3 format.

What I would like to know is if Springer are planning a new version of the 
BC along the lines of the new Book Port. I really really want the sort of 
hardware updates the new BP offers but I want to stay with the BC user 
interface. That said, the attraction of a smaller unit with variable speed 
control is impossible to ignore unless I know a new BC is on the way. Is it?


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> Hi everyone,
> A new BookCourier release is available on the web site now. Please follow 
> this link for more information about the changes: 
> http://www.bookcourier.com/Support.htm. You can update your BookCourier in

> the usual way with the Transfer Tool.
> Katie

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