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Steve, "Beauty is in the beholder", and I think there are better voices personally.

I'm sad to see this setback with the production of the BC because I was thinking I'd look seriously at the upgrade, even though I personally much prefer the Stream (for voices and other things, and it's just a preference).

Anyway, I've got a buyer for my BC which is in very good condition and, though I may get more if I hang on and advertise it publicly, I'm passing it to the person of my choice so need to get off this list.

If anyone can give me details (privately if you wish) of how to unsubscribe I'd be grateful.

Sad that another good product probably goes no further ...

I hope that is not the case!


On Saturday, June 21, 2008 4:50 AM (UK time), Steve Nutt at steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:

Hi Katie,

Just to add that we have a few BookCouriers left in the UK if anyone
wants them. Pleaswe contact us if you would like to buy a new one.

Finally, thanks to Springer for an excellent product, I still have
mine and would never want to be without it by choice.  The Stream has
nice features, but the voice is nothing as good as Precise Pete.

All the best


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to pass along some information from Steve Gomas regarding
new development for BookCourier:

"Regretfully, production of the new BookCourier has been put on hold.
This decision was not made lightly. It came down to the simple fact
that with the current work load at Springer Design (we are first a
design and consulting firm), we would not be able to provide our
customers the immediate after sale technical support and the on-going
development they deserve.

"We will be revisiting our production plan monthly and will update
you as soon as the situation changes."

I can vouch for the fact that Steve's working as hard as he possibly
can these days. If it were possible to do it all, he would. We
understand if you don't feel that you can wait any longer to purchase
a new device. We will continue to repair and refurbish existing
BookCouriers if you'd like to get more life out of the product. If
our development situation changes, we will let you know.


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