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On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Brian Miller wrote:

I bought a 2gb card from Cost Co. online for $100 and I thought that was a
pretty good deal, but the below is the best I've ever seen.

Don't be too sure of that great deal below. The site mentioned below is a UK site and so the price is probably 70 pounds not dollars. That's also assuming your costco price was from the states and is in dollars.

Dan rossi

Brian Miller

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I always use


I just had a quick look and they do a 1GB card for around ?35 and a 2GB
for ?70.  these are made by Ora who I do not know.  I purchased a Toshiba
2GB card for my Book Courier for ?79 a short time ago.  They guarantee
day delivery for ?4.50 and I have found them extremely reliable. I have
found 1GB or 2GB cards any cheaper and have looked at one or two price
comparison sites such as Pricerunner.

Hope this is of help to you.


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Hi -

THe question has been asked a number of times - apologies for not noting
the response - any recommendations as to price and supplier for a 1 or 2GB
flash card ...



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