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  • Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 06:26:42 -0000

Hi Andrew,

This is incorrect or invalid Daisy formatting, probably on TNAUK's part.  I
had the same problem with Daisy from Torch when they first started, but
Torch are great for this sort of thing, and fixed it very quickly.  So as
you know probably, Torch's Daisy stuff works great with BC.  So come on
TNAUK, you can do it <Smile>.

All the best
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Hi Sharon,

As Neil has not come back with any further information about using the BC to
access their DAISY publications I thought I'd send the list a note of my

When I first subscribed to their DAISY service I used to be able to transfer
the files to the BC with no problem.  However just recently when trying to
do so I get a message at the end of the transfer that "volume 2 of 1 is
needed" and it asks me to insert the next disk.  I am only left with a
button to OK the request or cancel it.  Pressing OK without inserting the
next CD simply results in the same message coming up over and over and
pressing cancel terminates the download.  This means that I don't get my
DAISY file onto the BC.  I've not given it a try over the last few weeks as
it takes so long to transfer a file and it's all in vain.  I phoned TNAUK
and spoke to someone who looks after the DAISY service and they promised to
look into it for me and contact me when they had done so but as yet I have
heard nothing.  Neil, if you have any influence with the DAISY Team, please
can you put some pressure on them to do something?  Like you Sharon I am
always travelling, usually to and from work, and the BC is such a handy
device.  I can transfer all my other DAISY files to the BC so why not



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Many thanks,

I would appreciate it if you could find out about the daisy files, as there
was a package I was particularly interested in.

I just thought that as I travel to and from work each day by train the BC
would be an ideal opportunity to read them on.

Thanks again.

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HI Sharon -

TNAUK files distributed via email, CD and the web all take advantage of BC
navigation - this means you can skip between sections, sub-sections (where
applicable) and articles and also jump to a specific article; provided you
have the latest software distributed by Springer, you don't need to download
the TNAUK filter, it is included with the latest standard distribution.
Apologies for not knowing definitely if the TNAUK Daisy files also work with
the BC - i believe they do, but will confirm this in a day or so.

Just one point - the files you get from email and the web will unzip to a
.doc extension - don't change this, the filter needs this to help identify
them as TNAUK files -- if you take the files by CD, they could have a .anr
extension, this is also recognised as a TNAUK file.


 On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Bowell, Sharon wrote:

> Many thanks Steve,
> I'll have a look and see what's available.
> Sharon
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> Sharon
> The email or download files can be put on to the BC. In order to take 
> advantage of the full navigation you need to download the filter which 
> can be found on the TNAUK download site.
> You need a username and pasword to get access to the site but once you 
> have these the site is easy to use.
> Steve
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> Subject: [bookcourier] BC and TNAUK
> > Hi,
> >
> > I need to renew my TNAUK subscriptions, and know from talk on this
> group
> > that I am able to use TNAUK files on the BC.  Are these the e-mail 
> > versions of magazines etc or the daisy ones.
> >
> > Could someone give me a little more info on this before I renew my 
> > subscriptions.  I currently get a couple of tapes, but do want to
> change
> > this.
> >
> > Any guidance much appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Sharon
> >
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