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I'm also wondering about batteries and the issue of how one stores them
after they've been charged. I usually wrap them together with an elastic
band, but I'm wondering if this would contribute in some way to
discharging them while they are this close together. 

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I have recently bought a Uniross one hour charger and four double AA
25mAh rechargeable batteries primarily for use with my BC.  I have the
following questions about the batteries. 

The charger can charge all four batteries at a time but the BC only
takes two.  If I wanted to keep a pair on stand-by, how well do these
batteries retain their charge when not inserted into a device to power

What's the deal with charging this type of battery from less than fully
discharged?  Does doing this shorten their lives and decrease the amount
of charge they will take?

Any thoughts most welcome. 


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