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Someone in my family has one and I've heard the speech which is not bad, but
I'm not sure how easy it is to start up the speech feature.  The Kindle does
have a qwerty-like key pad which seems easier to use than the IPad.  There
is also a Kindle app for the computer which is a free download which talks.


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While3 I love my bookcourier, its days are numberd.  I just bought a Kindle
for my (sighted) wife and it seems to have some really nice, if
experimental, accessibility features.  Has anybody elose gone down this
route and doesanybody know if there is a discussion group dedicated to blind
access to the kindle?

I thought it might provide me access to new books, via the speech-to-text
function, but it seems that not all publishers allow this for their books -
goodness knows why.  I suppose they are afraid that people will use it
produce audio books from their copyrighted texts.  I can't really see most
sighted people wanting to listen to the robot voice.


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