A Bobsy Talk Email: SR rotors.

  • From: Robert Alder <r.alder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Bobsy Talk <bobsy_talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 09:32:46 -0600

Thanks to Tom for this amazing rotor discovery.  Several years ago my SR-3 needed four new rotors.  Ordering them from Coleman was the easiest thing to do.

Than years later along came my rescue of  the Bobsy FF and the discovery that the entire front upright assembly (upright, rotor, caliper, and tie-rod ends) was completely stock from a '68-'70 Open GT.  And to my amazement *www.opelgtsource.com <www.opelgtsource.com>* have *everything* for an Opel GT and at very reasonable prices.  Who knew!!!!   The proprietor, Gil Wesson, was very good to work with.  209-928-1110

Back to the story. Tom was in my shop one day, saw the Opel rotors sitting there and observed that they sure looked like the SR rotors he was in need of.  I'd never even noticed their similarity.  Tom borrowed one to compare measurements and sure enough they worked.  He ordered and mildly modified a pair.  BINGO $45-$50  SR replacement rotors.

All the credit goes to Tom's keen eye.


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