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Hi Robert,  Thanks for the great work. I think I'll use the enclosed trailer
for the trip from NJ.


Tom Miller

617 Encampment Drive

Bound Brook, NJ 08805

732-563-1575 home

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Dear Bobsy Talk -- Owners and Aficionados,


Well, finally a Bobsy Reunion!  You'll recall I've been talking about it for
over a year, first thinking it could be done last summer. But that time
frame proved to be too optimistic for proper organization.


So here's the deal:


Bobsy Reunion & Sports Racer Challenge 

September 1st and 2nd (Labor Day Weekend)

In Colorado at the Pueblo Motorsports Park


While I'd originally wanted to do it at HPR (our locally owned club track
east of Denver), that would have meant doing it in July during an event
already crowed as a charity fund raising event and an already established
Formula B/C Feature race: too much going on to also squeeze in the Bobsy


Instead, Pueblo Motorsports Park (PMP) over Labor Day weekend made for a
very nice, if not better, alternative:  


*       PMP is getting all new track paving this year so the surface will be
*       Being Labor Day weekend gives everyone all summer to prepare to
*       Having the Monday Holiday gives out-of-staters an additional travel
day if needed.  
*       The weather won't be as hot in September!  
*       PMP has much better, closer options for accommodations (HPR's
biggest shortcoming). There a lots of places to stay 15 minutes or less from
the track.


I've added a page to  <http://www.BobsyRegsitry.com> www.BobsyRegsitry.com
website announcing the Reunion including many more details of the event,
cost, how to register, etc. Also,  <http://www.RMVR.com> www.RMVR.com now
has a webpage devoted to the weekend as part of their Calendar of Events.


Over the past year many of you have expressed an interest in attending the
Reunion and I look forward to meeting you all.  Hopefully we can have the
most Bobsy sports racers on track that has ever been.  Ron Mong has only
committed to try to attend and to try to get his Dad, Jerry, to attend.  No
promises, but we're hopeful.


Now I'd like your help on a few things:


*       In order to have our own sports racer grid, this will also be a
Sports Racer Challenge weekend.  If you know some fellow vintage sports
racers owners, spread the word and invite them to also enter.  We'll welcome
any sports racer which runs with a logbook from any other VMC-member
organization.  The more the merrier. 
*       I'd like for the Bobsy Reunion to have some nice "extras" for all
those attending.   "Extras" cost money and I don't feel I can ask RMVR (or
me) to absorb those expenses   For instance; I'd like to cover expenses for
Jerry and Ron Mong fly out for the event.  Additionally, nice swag for each
of us would also be cool.  So here's what I'm thinking.  If anyone, whether
entering or not, wishes to help underwrite the "extras," send me a
completely voluntary donation and I'll make it all happen.  No doubt some of
you who won't be able to attend would like to help out (I have no shame,
playing the guilt card!).  Let's just say $50 max from anyone., but any
amount would be appreciated.  
*       Please give me an RSVP of your intentions, even if tentative, as to
whether or not you'll be able to bring your Bobsy.  Or maybe even attend
without a car.  Knowing who and how many will be attending will greatly help
me to better plan the event.


That's it for now.   More info will follow or  feel free to ask questions.
This will be a once-in-a-lifetime event for Bobsy owners.  Be there or be
square!!!!  It will be a blast.



Bob Alder


303-757-0868 (H)

303-981-6364 (C)


3330 South Albion St.

Denver, CO   80222


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