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I contacted a couple of guys I know from SVRA about the car.  Here's what Ray Harrington replied.  Mystery solved.  
Bob A.
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That is an old photo from 2005  http://www.svra.com/SVRA/SVRAHome.nsf/attachmentweb/EJEN-6GAF8N/$file/Alfa+Race.pdf?OpenElement.    It is/was Jim Ziegler's car.  I have no idea if he still owns it.  The last address I have is : RD 1, Box 69A,  Tidioute, PA  16351.  No phone #

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Bob & Ray (Hey, any chance you guys used to have a comedy team???.  Didn't think so),

Anyway, as you may, or may not, know I'm the keeper of the Bobsy Registry, www.bobsyregistry.com.  As noted in the email exchange below, we're trying to identify an Alfa powered Bobsy which was at your Watkins Glen event this past summer. 

Can you be of any help?  If it is Jim Ziegler's car (just my guess) I'd really like to get in contact with him.  The registry lists him as a Bobsy owner, but we have no contact info to reach him.

Bob Alder - Denver

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On: Sat, 17 Dec 2011
From: "Hugh Tompkins" <htompkins@xxxxxxx>
Subject: 3rd row!
Bob- This was an Alfa reunion wkn @ The Glen sponsored by SVRA. Looks like a Bobsy to me... Any idea who's? Must be powered by Alfa to be in this race. Could not find on entry list. Hugh

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Indeed, it must be an Alfa powered Bobsy.  It might be Jim Ziegler's SR-3.  Jim is located in Penn. and races all over the east with a number of different cars.  But I haven't been able to develop any contact info for Jim since establishing the Registry so I can't confirm that.
So, I'm forwarding this query to the Bobsy_Talk email group.  Can anyone help us out here?  Was anyone else at the Zippo Glen event who might have an entry list?  I tried looking at AMBs site, but they don't identify cars, only people and didn't see anything listed as an Alfa feature race.  Victory Lane would be a good source, but I don't keep old issues.
If anyone knows who's car this is, let us know.  And if anyone knows Jim, please have him contact me.
Frank Sljejko, do you know who this might be?.  You're an Alfa/Bobsy guy.
Bob Alder
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