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  • From: "J.L. Thompson" <j_l_t@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 07:31:34 -0600

Here are details on a new mailing list that may give us a pretty solid upgrade 
in this area, if we want to go this direction. Testing is almost complete, I 
think it should work out. I created this 'setup' email we could send to the 
club. It's got all the important links. See if you can signup and follow the 
instructions if you want. We can test drive for a little longer before we go 
public. I've set up the president@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and 
bluffcitybrewers@xxxxxxxxx as administrators. I can set up your officer 
accounts as administrator as well.

In response to the recent spam seen on the current club email list 
(beer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) a new list (bluffcitybrewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) has been 
created that has more protection against spam, as well as user-configurable 
options to customize to your preferences. 
Couple of notes:
a) for the transition, all mail will be sent to both lists, so as you sign up 
to the new list you can use the following link to unsubscribe from the old 
list: http://two.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/beer
b) the administrator can sign you up automatically if you want, just send an 
email to bluffcitybrewers@xxxxxxxxx and ask to be signed up. Make sure and 
reply to any messages from freelists.org to confirm signup.
To sign up on the new list (bluffcitybrewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
1)sign up here: http://www.freelists.org/list/bluffcitybrewers
2)Enter your email address and hit 'GO'
3)You'll get 2 emails: a notification that you subscribed and a confirmation 
email THAT YOU NEED TO REPLY TO to confirm subscription.
4)Post messages by sending to Bluffcitybrewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

To change your user settings, update your account and password (optional):
Once you are registered, you can log in and change your settings. Useful 
options are 
    a) remain 'unlisted' to everyone except the admin 
    b) change options on the format of the emails you receive 
    c) the ability to turn on 'vacation mode' if you are away from your account 
and don't want to receive message 
    d) unsubscribe easily.
1) Go to the WEB LOGIN screen at http://www.freelists.org/login.html
2) Enter your email, and LEAVE THE PASSWORD BLANK. Hit 'login'. The program 
will send you an email with an authentication code 
3) Once you follow the link in the email or enter the code, select the list 
called 'bluffcitybrewers', make sure and fill in your password and hit 'CHANGE 
3) you'll get a confirmation email that REQUIRES A REPLY.
4) every time you want to log in after that, go to 
http://www.freelists.org/login.html and select 'bluffcitybrewers', and hit 
'select list'
(Note: bookmarking these links makes it a lot easier)

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