[blogstickers] Life Through A Webcam Lens

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 Last week I accidentally found a webcam picture[1] of a restaurant in Bali
which was taken at precisely the moment Fiona and I were eating there in
April 2000, we were sitting out of shot so you can't actually see us, but
I've checked my personal digitial photos time and date stamps. We were

But it got me thinking this morning about contextualising historical events
through the contemporary, pixilated view of a webcam with its constricted
field of view and random placement, and so I got the idea to make these
photos up to show you what I was thinking. In particular I like the strange,
distorted feeling of recency you get when you look at these. 

Almost a year ago I blogged[2] about a similar effect I felt when using
Google Groups to look at old news items but presented in a modern Windows XP
browser interface. Digital information or images don't carry with them the
sense of timeliness you get when you look at their traditional counterparts
like an old newspaper reprint for instance, where stories and images are
presented in the correct context, surrounded by the advertising of the age
which contributes and helps the reader to recognise an authentic context.

Mouse over each image for the descriptions, the individual times and dates
are accurate.


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