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Subject: Issest Released Beta Version Of The First Web-based Screen
Magnifier iZoom Web

Friday, June 29, 2007

Issest Released Beta Version Of The First Web-based Screen Magnifier iZoom Web

By Peter Verhoeven

Issist, manufacturer of the worlds best free screen magnifier spawned a new revolution in screen magnification today through the Beta release of iZoom Web, the worlds first web based screen magnifier. iZoom Web is the only screen magnifier that runs directly from a webpage.

iZoom Web is a milestone beyond "iZoom Standard 1.2", the company's previous flagship product. It's faster, smaller, more portable and has features that rival its more expensive counterparts. Since iZoom Web doesn't install any video chaining drivers its impact on the operating system is minimal and it's compatible with almost any application. iZoom Web has a vast array of features to make viewing and reading on your screen easier. Various color options, improved font smoothing, mouse options, caret/focus tracking, reading, 8 different zoom modes all help make your computing experience more productive and

USB and CD based versions of the latest iZoom version will be available shortly as well. iZoom Web is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Issist invites
all users to try out the Beta version for free at




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