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Hi Sandy, this sounds excellent.  I ensured that this note went to the Blindza 
list as well as the blind@xxxxxxxxx list, at least this gets to all blind 
computer users in SA, whom in turn can notify friends who are not on email.
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              Dear All

              I would like to take a moment to introduce Jenny Shone and I - 
Sandy Whitfield-Carter to you;  Jenny and I have The Animal Healing Centre, we 
are based in Gauteng
              but we work in the main centres around South Africa and Namibia.

              We teach Interspecies Telepathic Communication, along with this 
we work 
              extensively with animals, domestic and wild on a healing level.   
Animals are wonderful healers, and we help to keep the animals themselves 
healthy and happy by allowing
              them to talk their problems through.   The great thing is that 
Jenny can teach you
              to be able to do this too !      The weekend of the 17 and 18 
October we are holding
              a workshop in Bellville in the Cape and will be working with some 
of the Guide Dogs
              from around the area - our intention is then to give a donation 
to towards the work
              of the Guide Dogs.

              We will be sending you a flyer with all the information for the 
workshops on it - but
              please feel free to write to ask anything you would like to know 
about what we do.
              Jenny has written a book on the subject of Animal Telepathic 
Communication which
              is going to be translated into braille.

              Any suggestions and comments will be so greatly appreciate.

              Love and Blessings


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