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Really not too sure about talks registration, which I know was previously 
definitely linked to IMEI number, but anyway...

Anyway, with loadstone, firstly go through the getting started documentation 
page on their website:

And aside from that, I started off playing with it in my garden - in navigation 
mode, if you hit the # key it will let you save a point, and use the from 
commencement menu item if standing still since that will try to work around gps 
drifting, and in navigation mode hitting select key will generally tell you 
nearest point it thinks you are heading towards, and you can also tell it to 
auto announce only checkpoints in a list of points for a specific route etc., 
and in exploration mode you can literally explore your points without moving 

Aside from that I have a few different databases with different sets of points 
for different areas etc., and I'll also send you a sort of text file to place 
in root folder of loadstone installation which will give you a few items under 
online tools, like address searching, etc., but will send that off list.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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  Thanx for this link.  Isn't the latest versions of Talks linked to the SIM 
card, your cell number, in stead of to the IME of your phone?  If so, it means 
that you can install the same version on another phone, insert your SIM into 
it, and it should also work...?  And, at last, I found the correct version of 
Loadstone for my N6210 Navigator.  But, how on earth do I get started with 
  Best wishes,

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    Ok, went ahead and downloaded the install package via blindSea, and 
installed it over my installation of 5.0, and this also meant could go back to 
UK english voice (have had a few guys asking me about that one as well <smile>).

    After installation completed, the phone beeped, and then just shut up and 
wouldn't talk, but was fine once I restarted it.

    Anyway when went into talks app/configuration using talks key followed by 
*, after restarting phone, under options menu, under registration, I selected 
restore registration, and around a minute or two later it told me I had 
successfully activated the product registration - it handles this by sending a 
message to some or other controlling server.

    I will make sure it doesn't do something like stop talking after 10 minutes 
like it would generally do in demo mode, and that it doesn't stop working after 
10 days, along the lines of the other demo mode, but it seems alright, and 
apart from the british voice, which I prefer since it's a little bit better at 
pronouncing some things, the only thing have tested so far is that it will in 
fact now read things on the screen of ovi maps, including current location, etc.

    I honestly don't know exactly which versions of talks you are actually 
allowed to upgrade from, and am pretty sure I didn't have premium since just 
got it via vodacom, but the following is a small extraction from the release 
notes text file:
    Version 5.20 is a free upgrade for all Premium Edition licenses generated 
after November 13th, 2007 (the release date of TALKS 3.50 for 3rd Edition). In 
particular, this means that it can be installed by any customer who is 
currently able to run version 4.11 or 5.01 without requiring a new license.

    I did previously have version 5.00.3 on my N86 FWIW, but anyway.

    It also includes the install file for daisy2go, but this won't work on my 
phone since I don't have the premium version of talks - tried it and it told me 

    Will lastly provide you the link for the page on which I got the download 
link, but, I am not going to tell anyone they should/should not try this since, 
quite possible my phone will just stop talking sometime soon, and I would then 
have to get some sighted help to then uninstall talks, and then try reinstall 
the original version, etc., but I am trying my luck...LOL!

    The link for that page is:

    On that page, I chose the link labeled as follows:
    Latest version of talks version 5.20.3

    It then downloaded the zip file with everything in it, including language 
install files for both us and british english eloquence engines, talks install 
file, manuals etc.

    Stay well

    Jacob Kruger
    Blind Biker
    Skype: BlindZA
    '...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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      Subject: [blindza] Talks v5.2 released

      Apparently it's just been released, and it's apparently a lot better with 
things like ovi maps, etc.

      Just wondering what other/older versions would be allowed to do a free 
upgrade, since my N86 has v5.00.3 on it.

      Stay well

      Jacob Kruger
      Blind Biker
      Skype: BlindZA
      '...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'


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