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(Sharing information on disability issues)

Our email address is the.sponge.project@xxxxxxxxx  For more about us see 
http://thespongeproject.yolasite.com <http://thespongeproject.yolasite.com/>    

 Look for us on Face Book, follow us on Twitter



* South Africa still does not have an 0800 DISABILITY call centre so we offer a 
unique free disability info service to anyone who sends a short SMS to 
0721722623 with their name, town, disability and the info they need.

* Our database of over 6000 rehab resources is there for all to use. Download 
it as an Excel list from our website http://thespongeproject.yolasite.com 
<http://thespongeproject.yolasite.com/>  . Use Ctrl-F to find who you are 
looking for.

* Please don't struggle to find info about any aspect of disability. If you 
can't find what you need in our database just send an email to 
the.sponge.project@xxxxxxxxx and we will point you in the right direction.

* If you have been boarded from your job due to a disability don't lose touch. 
Get involved with your local Ward Committee, DPO, Rehab or Inclusive Education 
Forum. They need your skills and experience to keep in touch with the real 

* Have you got some time to assist your local green campaign? You could play an 
important role as a green activist and help to make the planet inclusive.



* If you meet a disabled person (including disabled students) who is not a 
member of a DPO, please encourage them to join. This will enable DPOs to get a 
better picture of their local constituents, and enable the disabled individual 
to get involved, and to get back-up when required, e.g. when they are facing 
discrimination, or have problems getting a grant or assistive device.



* The Children's Rights Centre, www.childrensrights.org.za   have circulated an 
interesting report from www.bettercarenetwork.org   about 'Why supporting 
children with disabilities must be at the heart of successful child care reform'



* Senecio Backup, Western Cape, is a new programme offering people the 
opportunity to get "back up and out there" following a spinal cord injury. Back 
Up is for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of injury and aims to 
increase confidence, motivation and independence.  www.senecio.org.za 

* Laughter Clubs - there may be one in your area to help you unwind   

* Inclusive Solutions www.inclusivesolutions.co.za provides AAC (Augmentative 
and Alternative Communication) equipment for people with physical, 
communication and intellectual disabilities. They would like to make contact 
with AAC-experienced therapists across the country in both rural and urban 
settings, in order to set up a network of people with whom they can work and 
refer people to for AAC assessments. Contact Lisa Ellis, 



* ZA Difference - look out for the next issue featuring disability issues. 
www.zadifference.org <http://www.zadifference.org/> 
* Just read another super newspaper. http://dailymaverick.co.za



* We are still looking for a spec for children's toilets and bathrooms

* Did you know that Beacon Island hotel at Plettenberg Bay has an accessible 
paraplegic facility for the use of their guests? It includes a toilet and roll 
in shower with grab rails etc. What a great idea..

* RampUp is an initiative of the Leprosy Mission in partnership with disAbility 
Connexion to promote the inclusion of disabled people in faith communities.   
www.rampup.co.za includes practical tips for becoming a disability-friendly 



* Is there a BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) system in your area still not providing 
you with accessible transport?  We have just read an article that said that 
each BRT project should have an Access Officer to ensure that the system is 
universally accessible. And available? 

How many accessible buses are still mothballed in Municipal garages? We think 
there are some in Nelson Mandela Bay. Action please, Amanda!!



* After much deliberation, we conclude that there are no formal recorded best 
practices for educators in LSEN schools - they just do the best they can and 
learn how to do it from each other.  The D of Education appears happy to live 
with that. 

* Comrade Angie is still going for gold. How can we assist LSEN schools to 
prepare for the 2013 textbook delivery and take action in time to avoid another 
Limpopo? We invite any LSEN school to tell us how they were affected by the 
non-delivery of textbooks for 2012.

* Comrade Angie is recruiting a Deputy Director: Inclusive Education. At a 
salary of R434 000 we hope he/she is good at delivering books, buildings, 
educators, transport.... 

See http://www.thutong.doe.gov.za/inclusiveeducation 
<http://www.thutong.doe.gov.za/inclusiveeducation>   ... are we talking about 
the same department??



* Is Comrade Blade aware of the unacceptable differences in accommodations for 
disabled students between the universities in SA? Maybe that is why he has sent 
the Deputy Minister of the DWCPD on a Capacity Building Road Show to some of 
the universities to find out. We look forward to the outcomes.

* Do the members of the SA Association for Counselling and Development in HE 
embrace all aspects of disability in their counselling? www.saacdhe.org



* Are any disabled people benefiting from the '93000 Jobs for Mandela Day' 
campaign? We could not find any related info on 



* Western Cape Network on Disability, wcdisability@xxxxxxxxx , reports that a 
new Social Housing Development is being built by Communicare in Bothasig, for 
households earning between R2500 - R7500. Rentals start from R650 per month. 
Some houses will cater for people with special needs. Contact Wasima Fisher, 
wfisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Is there such a development in your area?



* Lotto - is No News, Good News ??



Sad to see that that crazy term 'Persons Living With Disability' still creeps 
into some reports. 

If you are dead, we are too late.

A big Thank You to our SMS sponsor Axxess DSL and our other supporters.

Global Disclaimer - Oh yes please - we write from the heart.  



Tony and Tim, Port Elizabeth.  SMS (only) 072 172 2623

 "I stayed up all night to see where the sun went.  Then it dawned on me. 
(Punography) " 



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