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  • Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 19:03:06 +0200

I might - one day - try find a decent eye doctor...<smile>

As far as the vague grey shapes/points that are pretty much permanently there, 
there are a few theories, and mine are like millions of little tiny gray 
pinpricks of just varying shades of grey that then cluster together to sort of 
form shapes, but there's also 2 reddish shapings that are more clearly defined, 
never really move away from what looks to me like around 2 metres in front of 
me, and slightly left of centre - even if I turn my head, they're right there - 
and they're permanently changing shape/moving around overlapping with each 
other, etc.

Firstly a neuro-opthalmologist in the UK said it's literally just my brain 
doing a form of imagination/visualisation, and he was the guy who certified me 
as B1, and when I asked if I was in fact pointing to an eye chart on the wall 
behind his desk without anyone telling me it was there, he also just changed 
the subject.

For example, if I do certain things with the vOICe it does seem to help my 
brain show me some things in this virtual vision as such, but there are some 
other strange factors as well, like the fact that am permanently seeing shapes 
for the bridge of my nose, my eye sockets, my cheeckbones etc. so it's almost 
like my point of view/relative point of sight, etc. is around 5cm behind my 
actual eyes, and it also doesn't matter if I close my eyelids - I see a line 
sort of flashing up/down as I do it - which is more along the lines of what a 
reiki woman told me, and sort of along the lines of what Russell Targ says 
since he's the blindie guy who trained the CIA to use ESP, and he straight out 
says that's how he does some forms of environmental navigation - sort of sixth 
sensory substitution...<smile>

Doesn't really mean I know what's causing this/what's happening, but those are 
the types of questions I was trying to ask that eye doctor, and, yes, makes 
sense that I suppose I should at least have a doctor check up on these eyes 
occasionally, but will have to find one who's a bit more open-minded with 
regard to at least listening to my questions.

Will also just mention that it irritated me a little bit when the eye surgeon 
didn't even know that, for example, the SANCB shop could/would supply talking 
watches, that there's screen reader software out there etc. etc. - honestly 
don't think she even off-hand had contact details for the SANCB.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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  Hi Jacob

  Now this is one I know.  First the easy one - I think you might hear from 
more people who could first see (even only partially like me) that you still se 
funny shapes.  As I'm typing this, I see lots of light points like stars and 
inbetween floating things.  I always just thought it should be so - no harm in 
them, any way.

  As for the sandy feeling and pain, I really think you should find you another 
oculist and let them have a look.  I had cornea transplants and my eyes become 
dry very easily.  However, these days they also sometimes get infection which 
is rather painful.  Sometimes the cornea can also grow into a point and 
literally scratch against your eyelashes.  I know this sounds gory, but there 
are usually reasons for the warnings we get.  Then again, you may have glaucoma 
and not feel a thing.  Even though I can't use my eyes any more, I think it is 
still important to have them seen to from time to time.  Sometimes some stuff 
may be lurking which you don't even know about.

  I wish I could have you visit my doctor here in Kimberley - he is one of the 
most normal, friendly and outspoken people I know.  He always tells me 
precisely what is going on and does not make me feel like an idiot either.  And 
of course, often one's fears are way beyond reality.

  So I suggest, find you another nice doctor!  All the best.


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