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You must get a Hardly Abelson Yoyo, problem is it may get stuck on the way




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Something had been thinking about for a little while - dunno why - but got
around to it the other day, and popped round a toy shop, and got hold of a
yoyo toy.


Either way, while it's one of those that can spin without moving up and down
at the bottom, unless you sort of time movement of your hand just right, the
main thing is sort of timing the movement, etc. via touch/feeling of it
moving, since it can move at different speeds, etc., and this is sort of why
went looking for one again, since for some or other reason, I was wondering
how accurately I would be able to use/manipulate it's actions.


Anyway, what it comes down to is that initially it wasn't all that
simple/easy to get it right all the time in terms of timing the lifting of
the hand to bring it up again as it hit the bottom of the travelling
distance, and also wasn't necessarily all that easy to initially, anyway,
catch it just as it reached the top of the string again, but, funny enough,
it's one of those things that you sort of exponentially/suddenly start
getting it right, most of the time anyway, and, yes, must look/seem quite
funny to think of a long haired, tattooed biker type playing with a yoyo,
but, from my side, it actually seems quite fun...<smile>


Anyway, what it comes down to, and why thought might as well mention it here
is that aside from listening to it travelling, with a bit of a spinning
sound, it also comes down to feeling the vibration changes as the string
gets longer/shorter, since think it most likely also spins at different
speeds, at least partly due to the increase in winding diameter as the
string rolls up on itself, etc. etc., and this means you can sort of try to
time the up and down motions based on both sound and feeling, but anyway.


Stay well

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