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Hi all

A new audio-based Real-time strategy game is now available. Basically they reckon it's based on things like the initial 'famous' one - Warcraft.

Anyway, like I said, it's free, and even though it's still a beta version, they reckon it's bloody good. Here's the article regarding it (including a link to go download the 11.7Mb setup package).

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Subject: Sound Rts! New Real Time Audio Stratogy Game.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sound Rts! New Real Time Audio Stratogy Game.

By dark empathy, Super Audio Gamer

Sound Rts! New Real Time Audio Stratogy Game.

It's always fantastic when a game just suddenly appears out of the blue, particularly when it's a game in a genre which I've personally been absolutely aching to play more of. I'm speaking of course about real time Audio stratogy war games.

sound Rts is a free audio stratogy game developed by Jean-luc Pontico, based upon the popular warcraft series of fantasy battle games.

In this game you become the general of an army, commanding peasants, foot soldiers, knights, archers, catapults mages and dragons against enemy forces,
and only wise leadership and optimal use of resources will win the day.

You may play against the computer, carry out a number of military missions, or connect to and challenge other players over the internet. the game is also
available in French!

So, what are you waiting for! go here to the sound rts page to download the game and begin your campeign of conquest!


Please note, that the game is stil a beta version, but is nevertheless incredibly playable. Feel free to discuss the game in our forums.

Now please excuse me, I have troops to train!

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