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  • Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 06:53:48 +0200

        Dear Kingsley,

Thank you for your email.

Yes I would like to stay in contact with you.

f you have a list please add me.

Kind regards,

Cathy donaldson,


Blind Sa.

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  Hi folk's, 
  my Name is Shima Kingsley  Preston-Maithufi,
  want to be around and want to contribute to whatever will assist people like 
me to reach out to a higher level.  
  I have been an end user since I remember that adaptive technology was here in 
South Africa, just want to be around to help/learn with you guys.  
  thought this might be a nice list to join just to be in touch with you folks. 
  will contribute and discuss whatever is relevant/important.  
   which ever way you want to talk, I am here listening '
  which ever way you want to go feel free, I have the suspicion  that I have  
seen most than others and that is how I am willing to  contribute to this list 
and more.  
  just call me Kingsley 
  happy to be here  just ask anything, If I can I will do my best for you!
  name: Shima Kingsley Maithufi-Preston 

  Kind regards,
  S.K Preston-Maithufi,

  Kingsley Preston
  mobile: 079 153-9221

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