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Hi, pleased to meet you. You sound like the guy I need to fix my
computer. ha ha.

I also want to learn how to write programs, and create websites.


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On 4/24/09, Jacob Kruger <jacobk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Nice one.
> With regard to driving a car, there are a couple of events over in the USA
> where blind guys get to drive/race cars around those oval tracks with a
> sighted companion.
> With regard to taking photos, the vOICe that you can install as an add on to
> your camera phone helps you to aim the phone's camera and then let's you
> take photo's using it's own shortcut key:
> http://www.seeingwithsound.com/midlet.htm
> This software also turns your camera phone into a colour sensor FWIW.
> Stay well
> Jacob Kruger
> Blind Biker
> Skype: BlindZA
> '...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'
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>   Hi, There,
>   I'm 54 years old, had low vision from birth, and always attended "normal"
> schools and Universities, as I believed that that would be the best way for
> me to adapt to Society. This meant, however, that I had to take up a lot of
> challenges, but believe that anybody else has challenges of his/her own,
> anyway. And each challenge I overcame, gave me a lot of satisfaction,
> encouraging me to take up even more, new challenges.
>   I attended a Technical High School, as this is where my main interests
> always were. Here I discovered Electricity, Motor mechanics, Woodwork, and
> later Electronics. After school, I became an Electro-technician at SAA, but
> had to leave this fascinating job, as my bad eyesight became dangerous, so I
> went to the University of Stellenbosch, studying Social Sciences. After
> graduation, I went on to the University of Potchefstroom to obtain a
> post-graduate qualification in Communications.
>   In those days there were no computers, but there were cars, motorcycles
> and all kinds of interesting machines, which were developing at an amazing
> rate, for me to be interested in.
>   As I had not much money, I had to buy old cars, built them up, put them
> through the Roadworthy test, and siedaar, I had a car for my wife to drive.
> Of course, I never had the opportunity to drive my own cars, but you don't
> need much sight to take out an engine, overhaul it, put it back, and it
> starts, first time.
>   Sighted people around me could never understand this, they always asked me
> for help, which I gladly gave, as it enlarged my knowledge. What they
> couldn't understand was that you need knowledge and a brain to be able to do
> these things: not only good eyesight.
>   While I was a student at Potch, I also did the first blind parachute jump
> in the Country, probably in the World, as others after me were strapped to
> another jumper, while I had the opportunity to do it alone.
>   The other people around me always wanted to know why I am interested in
> Photography, as they couldn't understand that my cameras could see a lot
> better than myself. I knew my cameras well, and did not have to see where
> and how to adjust them, I could feel the clicks when I adjusted the buttons,
> could work out the distance, and generally knew exactly where to aim to.
>   However, getting a job after University was difficult, so I got a job at a
> Switchboard [in those days everybody believed that's the only job you can do
> if you are blind] but this job became fascinating to me, so I stayed;
> developing with it, as switchboards developed.
>   The Switchboard became computerized before anyone else, in those days MS
> DOS.
>   Windows opened a new world for me. I first discovered Microsoft Sam, then
> Window-eyes, and then Jaws. I was the first to have e-mail and Internet here
> at work, and the rest is history....
>   Today I am managing my own Switchboard; I am very proud of it, as it is
> one of the most advanced ones around; I can do most of the technical
> maintenance myself, understand everything here, have my own Network and
> Servers and Databases.
>   And my interest and knowledge of computers has grown to such an extend
> that many other sighted colleagues of mine contact me for help with their
> computers. Although I use a computer rather different to them [all the
> computers I use daily are highly customized] I can always help them, teach
> them, and if they come up with something I cannot help them with, I find out
> and learn more myself.
>   Of course, I have designed and built my own computers at home, and of
> course I am the one to call if any computer here packs up.
>   And, of course I spend a lot of money on computer equipment [school fees]
> I am also always looking out for a new program to try out, especially if it
> is screen reader-friendly.
>   There are many interesting programs to buy on the Internet, but I don't
> trust that way of buying at all, so I am always on the look-out for FREE
> programmes, although that seems to be scarce. And some of these programs
> that I really need to work with [example Jaws] are very expensive to me, so,
> although I have Jaws 4.5 and j8, I am happy to be able to use nvda, which is
> free, works very well, and even speaks Afrikaans. But, unfortunately, it
> doesn't nearly sound as good as Eloguance, which is used by Jaws and Dolphin
> [a pen which is both a screen reader and magnifier, which I also use] But
> then, I also have RealSpeak, which doesn't sound bad at all.
>   Whish I knew how to write my own computer programs. Wish I knew how to
> create a Web page.
>   It is so nice to discover all these Web pages by Blind, for the Blind!
> Wish I can help, and I will keep on watching you, be warned!
>   Kind regards,
>   Deon
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DL van Deventer
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