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Good ideas!



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Two things that came up in mind today, for whatever reason, are, wondering
why there aren't liquid level indicators/pouring sensors that work sort of
mechanically, instead of based on electronic circuits?


This is because, I suppose, especially in weather like we're currently
having up here in gauteng, the steam from something like coffee/tea can
really cause hassles if you try use an electronic pouring sensor at


Secondly, wondering about some or other form of keyring type tag you would
maybe attach to other things like rucksacks etc., and where you could do
something like turn on/off a motion sensor on it with something like a
slider switch, just so that you could, for example, put something in one
place, and be sort of notified if it was then moved as such, and, I suppose
something like that might be useful to both blindie parents for attaching to
their children's clothes, or for use by dog owners, as well as generally
using it for maybe making sure you knew where a handbag, rucksack, etc.


You do already get sort of key rings with little audio beeps they can emit
when you then activate them using a separate form of remote control, but,
just thinking about something with it's own form of motion sensor in it so
it would notify you itself if it was moved, sort of automatically..?


Suppose something like that might also be of interest as a form of notifier
if something like a door was opened, etc., as well?


That one also brings up something that have thought for a while might be
interesting/useful for finding things like keys, coins, jewellery, etc., and
for this (really) last one, suppose some types of toy shops might actually
be the best place to look for something like a cheap/simple, relatively
ruggedly manufactured metal detector gadget?  Only issue there might also be
that it would have a limited range/focus area as well, but anyway..?


Stay well

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