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A student from Imperial College London, Ed Prosser, interviewed Michael Proulx of Queen Mary University in London about seeing with sound, and this interview was aired on Wednesday 24 November 2010 for their radio show "Short Science",
under the theme of "Sounds of Science".

The 10 minute feature can be downloaded as an MP3 file from the direct URL


The accompanying description is appended.

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Peter Meijer

Seeing with Sound - The vOICe

The Sounds of Science #02.


In this episode we take a listen to the vOICe technology which has been
developed to help the blind ‘see’ with sound.

Ed is joined by Dr Michael Proulx of Queen Mary University London who is
currently using the vOICe technology to understand how different sense
modalities interact to give rise to perception. Dr Proulx discusses how the
vOICe technology can be used to induce a type of ‘synthetic vision’ and how this
is achieved through the process of ‘sensory substitution’.

To find out more about how the software creates sound from visual information we
put it to the test with the use of several interesting images (below).

So if you ever wanted to know what a banana or even a goat might ‘sound’
like you’ve come to the right place!

You can listen to the episode here (right click ‘save target as’ to download)


Or listen to this feature within episode 078 of Short Science.


For further information on the vOICe technology, visit: www.seeingwithsound.com

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