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Where are you doing this?  The mountain place or the home in Winston?  I'll 
come over and you can use my framing nailer.  We could do it in a day that way.
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What I am going to do is add studs to a garage wall, actually two garages, 
since they were built with the studs being four feet apart.



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How about this if it is a non bearing wall, then go with a aluminum stud.  


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Wouldn’t most of you agree that it might depend on the purpose of the wall? I 
would think that a purely placement wall (as opposed to a structural support 
wall) would be adequately served with screws instead of nails.  I will gladly 
stand corrected if someone offers a sound reason to the contrary, but if a 
wall’s only purpose is to divide a huge basement into several areas or if a 
main living area wall bears no structural weight, then why would screws not be 


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