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This is the first year we have had black ants coming into the house, I may
try the mint their also.


Years ago, I would go to a Mesican store and buy Chinese chalk which would
kill all crawling insects, including spiders, but some pest control
companies got worried and the  FDA made it sale in the US illegal.



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Mint grows in almost any light, although, of course, it thrives with more





On May 26, 2012, at 2:56 PM, John Sherrer wrote:

This building is a 12 by 24, and up on cender blocks.  It will get full of
spider webs, and I would find myself always sticking my hands in them. I did
not know about planting mint, but if I have enough sunlight their, it is
worth a try.  It will grow thick and prevent other weeds.


One interesting thing is that in the spring, about three or four years in
row, carpentersbees, a queen and drone would try to move into my shop since
I had a lot of wood to atract them.  These guys are large, but the male does
not have a stinger.  But he would get in your face trying to get you to
leave.  But when the day was done, and the door shut, they would die.  I
would find their bodies and get rid of them.  Carpentersbees do not eat
wood, just make homes in wood.



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Depending on the location of your shop and your taste in lawn care, _pardon
the pun as you read on_ you might consider planting some mint along the
sides of your shop. We had those brown ants in our house until I planted
some spearmint and peppermint along the edge of the house. No more ants, no
more spiders, no crawling bugs at all. Spiders go after food, so there must
be some other bugs that are attracting them. If the real problem is flying
bugs, well, mint won't work. A plus is you can have mint for drinks &
cooking and the smell when the lawn is cut is nothing but great! The bad
side is that mint can be overpowering for other low plants and crowd them
out, and it can spread into nearby flower beds and the neighbor's lawns, so
you have to keep it where it can be controlled by regular mowing or a good
border that the mint can't jump over. With regular mowing, it usually won't
spread over 3 feet from the bed.

On 05/26/2012 10:05 AM, John Sherrer wrote:

I am not sure of the brand, but I bought them at Cosco, about $10 or $15 for
a package of 6.



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What brand do you use John?






On May 24, 2012, at 6:43 PM, John Sherrer wrote:

Hi Woodworkers

If you have problems with spider webs and other insects in the shop, I
recommend those electronic devices that run them off.  They work, and they
will also run off mice.

These devices do not repel the insects, it prevents them from eating, so
after a couple of days they will leave.




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