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I heard of some of these, but wouldn't one need sighted help to get it set up? 
I was wondering about these type of distros for awhile. I know there's those 
that say to sort of roll your own with all that commandline stuff out of one of 
the distros like Ubuntu, but  when one just wants a system that works to do 
some simple things, one probably can't go wrong with a setup like this.

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  I previously sent a post to the forum about a very feature rich VOIP setup 
with FREE calls. Here is the info. again for your reference:

  For one "KICK ASS" set-up of a "COMPLETELY FREE" (US Residents actually can 
make "FREE" calls to US and Canada with this setup), "VERY" user friendly, and 
"VERY" feature rich Linux PBX-in-a-Flash, Asterisk, and FreePBX build go here:


  Since this PBX would give the blind or visually impaired loads of features 
for audible navigation and information gathering I wanted to cut the inventory 
of features for the previously mentioned PBX Called "Incredible PBX" and paste 
it directly to the list for completeness!

  The "Incredible PBX" Inventory. For those wondering what's included with "The 
Incredible PBX", here's a feature list of components you get in addition to the 
base install of PBX in a Flash with CentOS 5.4, Asterisk 1.4, FreePBX 2.6, and 
Apache, SendMail, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, IPtables Linux firewall, Fail2Ban, 
and WebMin. Please note that A2Billing, Cepstral TTS, Hamachi VPN, and Mondo 
Backups are optional and may be installed using provided scripts. 
    a.. A2Billing (/root/nv/install-a2billing)
    b.. Amazon S3 Cloud Computing
    c.. AsteriDex
    d.. CallerID Superfecta (FreePBX Module adds Names to CID Numbers)
    e.. CallWho for Asterisk
    f.. Cepstral TTS for 32-bit, Asterisk 1.42 (/root/nv/install-cepstral.sh)
    g.. Preconfigured Email That Works with SendMail
    h.. Extensions (16 preconfigured with random passwords)
    i.. Fax Module using nvFax
    j.. FONmail
    k.. FreePBX Backups
    l.. Gizmo5 (Free Calls to Gizmo5 users worldwide: 1747xxxxxxx*1089)
    m.. Google Voice (preconfigured)
    n.. Hamachi VPN (/root/nv/install-hamachi.x)
    o.. Hotel-Style Wakeup Calls (FreePBX Module)
    p.. ISN: FreeNum SIP Calling from Any Phone 
    q.. iPhone Visual Voicemail for Asterisk (works with Android phones, too)
    r.. MeetMe Conference Bridge (just dial C-O-N-F)
    s.. Mondo Full System Backups (/root/nv/install-diskbackup.x)
    t.. NewsClips from Yahoo
    u.. ODBC Database Support
    v.. PogoPlug Cloud Computing
    w.. Reminders by Phone and Web
    x.. SIP URI Outbound Calling (call any SIP URI worldwide for free)
    y.. Skype Inbound & Outbound Calling (Available 4/26)
    z.. TeleYapper
    aa.. Tide Reports with xTide
    ab.. Trunk Lister Script (/root/nv/trunks.sh)
    ac.. Trunks (Vitelity, Fonica, SIPgate, IPkall, and ENUM)
    ad.. Twitter Interface (Make Free Calls and Send SMS Messages)
    ae.. Weather by Airport Code
    af.. Weather by ZIP Code
    ag.. Worldwide Weather
    ah.. Zaptel Updater (/root/nv/zaptel-update.sh)

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  Hi all,
  There hasn't been much activity on this list so I decided to post a message

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